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Side effects of hypnotherapy

Everything has two sides to it, and it’s the same with hypnotherapy – you flip the coin and voila – there are the side effects of hypnotherapy. For those who are unaware that hypnotherapy comes with its probable side effects, read this post to explore the other side of hypnotherapy.

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Creation of a bond

The one who has undergone hypnotherapy is an emotionally vulnerable phase, where all the bad experiences in their lives and emotions related to them are wiped away. Also, while undergoing therapy, they feel that they have undergone something significant, pleasant and essential with the hypno-therapist, which makes them susceptible to forming a bond with him/her. And this may turn into something different id the therapist does not maintain professional distance from his client.

Adverse reactions

During hypnotherapy, emotions are altered – either heightened or suppressed. If the mind of the client is not able to handle this, there is a high probability of emotional outbursts, which are beyond the control of the one undergoing the therapy. Uncontrollable crying, extreme anger, arising violence, fear are a few adverse reactions the hypnotherapist has to be prepared to handle.


If this transference is positive, well and good. But if the one undergoing hypnotherapy has a negative transference, the therapist is at risk here. Often, hypnotherapy is used to help the mind heal itself from traumatic life incidences – here, there is a high probability that the client may see his/her abuser in the therapist, exposing the therapist to a host of adverse, harsh, harmful and at time violent reactions. Handling this is indeed the task of an experienced therapist.



The possibility of the person who has undergone hypnotherapy to go into phases of trance is high. Even after the session is done with and the client has gone back to his routine life, there is a chance of the state of trance recurring now and then. This may be potentially harmful to the person who at that moment doesn’t know what is happening around him/her. Extra care has to be rendered to persons who have undergone hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy, as effective as it seems, comes with its set of cons. The patient may end up being confused, with a lack of attention and loss of interest as to what’s happening around him. Also, other symptoms include identity crisis, insomnia, fatigue, regressed behavior, hallucinations, and uncontrolled weeping, making the effectivity of hypnotherapy questionable.