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What happens in a hypnosis session?

We’ve all watched movies and series, and we have for sure come across something about hypnosis in them. But is hypnosis really like it’s portrayed on screen? What is it that exactly happens in a hypnotherapy session? What does the hypnotherapist do to you? And what are the consequences of such sessions? Do they even work? Are some of the few questions that come to our mind. And it’s perfectly normal to have these doubts as hypnotherapy is not backed by science as of now. So let’s see what happens in a hypnotherapy session:

When the client first arrives for a hypnosis session, the therapist first briefs him about what is going to happen in the session, the procedure, the probabilities – everything. Also, some simple tests are conducted on the client, making them fully grasp what the session is going to be. This conversation is more important from the point of view of the therapist. This also helps the therapist to know the client better, and to understand the type of methods to be used on the client to gain desirable results.


Further, the client is taken into a very high level of calmness of the mind. It all happens gradually, and slowly the mind is brought into a very relaxed high learning phase. The client finds this initial stage to be extraordinarily pleasurable and soothing, and he readily experiences this as though under hypnosis, the mind is fully aware of what is happening around.

Depending upon the type of person, the therapist decides when to move to the next procedure. This time taken from the initial phase to this transition phase differs from person to person. The therapist takes note of a specific set of indications which show him that the person is ready to be taken to the next stage.

Here the therapist gets the person into a state of trance, where the mind is wholly focussed and in a receptive state. Here the therapist starts to slip in the messages which have to be conveyed to the client, for which the client opted for hypnotherapy in the first place. It may be getting rid of an addiction, or overcoming an illness or a past traumatic memory – the therapist will effectively use this phase to communicate the message to the mind.

After the therapist has been convinced that the message has been communicated, he will now get the person back to wakeful awareness – again gradually.

This is what happens through a hypnotherapy session. Nothing to be worried about, just a pleasant, mind-altering procedure to get rid of unwanted aspects of your mind.